A House Through Time by David Olusoga & Melanie Backe-Hansen

A House Through Time | David Olusoga & Melanie Backe-Hansen | Pan Macmillan | 2020
A House Through Time

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TitleA House Through Time
AuthorDavid Olusoga & Melanie Backe-Hansen
PublisherPan Macmillan
Publication Date27 Feb 2020
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In recent years house histories have become the new frontier of popular, participatory history.

People, many of whom have already embarked upon that great adventure of genealogical research, and who have encountered their ancestors in the archives and uncovered family secrets, are now turning to the secrets contained within the four walls of their homes and in doing so finding a direct link to earlier generations. And it is ordinary homes, not grand public buildings or the mansions of the rich that have all the best stories. As with the television series, A House Through Time offers readers not only the tools to explore the histories of their own homes, but also a vividly readable history of the British city, the forces of industry, disease, mass transportation, crime and class.

The rises and falls, the shifts in the fortunes of neighbourhoods and whole cities are here, tracing the often surprising journey one single house can take from elegant dwelling in a fashionable district to a tenement for society’s rejects. Packed with remarkable human stories, David Olusoga and Melanie Backe-Hansen give us a phenomenal insight into living history, a history we can see every day on the streets where we live. And it reminds us that it is at home that we are truly ourselves. It is there that the honest face of life can be seen. At home, behind closed doors and drawn curtains, we live out our inner lives and family lives.

Historic Streets And Squares by Melanie Backe-Hansen

Historic Streets and Squares | Melanie Backe-Hansen
Historic Streets and Squares
TitleHistoric Streets and Squares
AuthorMelanie Backe-Hansen
PublisherThe History Press
Publication Date1 Nov 2013
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Britain’s favourite house historian investigates the stories behind our most famous streets and squares. An array of medieval lanes, Georgian crescents and Victorian squares make an appearance, together with the people – famous, infamous and unfamiliar – who designed, built and lived in them. From Bedford Square and Portobello Road in London, through to Grey Street in Newcastle and Charlotte Square in Edinburgh, Historic Streets and Squares takes you over the doorstep of some of the country’s most familiar addresses. Melanie Backe-Hansen takes us beyond the facades, delving into the evolution of ancient streets, the aspirations of builders and architects, and the extraordinary lives of past residents. She also reveals the fascinating stories of how some of our oldest and most valued crescents, lanes and avenues have survived into the twenty-first century, and the twists and turns of their journey along the way. Taken together, these fifty examples tell us much about Britain’s urban development over the centuries, while also highlighting more recent attempts to preserve our architectural heritage. The history of our streets, avenues, lanes and squares reveals more than just changes to architectural style, but offers a doorway into the heritage of our nation.

House Histories by Melanie Backe-Hansen

House Histories by Melanie Backe-Hansen
House Histories

TitleHouse Histories
Sub TitleThe secrets behind your front door
AuthorMelanie Backe-Hansen
PublisherThe History Press
Format 1Hardback
ISBN 19780752457536
Publication Date 122 Jun 2011
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Format 2Paperback
ISBN 29780750992305
Publication Date 215 Nov 2019
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In House Histories, Britain’s leading house historian uncovers the hidden stories and secrets of ordinary and extraordinary houses across the country. The wide range of houses, from workers’ cottages to aristocratic mansions, offers a unique insight into our social and architectural history. Tudor farmhouses, Georgian town houses, modernist twentieth-century designs and converted factories all have a tale to tell. Melanie Backe-Hansen digs into the past of homes once occupied by famous figures such as H.G. Wells and Benjamin Disraeli, ‘Miss Moneypenny’ and the Second World War SOE recruits. Details of the daily lives of ordinary people emerge from the railway and fishermen’s cottages or silk weavers’ terraces in which they lived. From Hampstead Garden Suburb to the slum clearances of Manchester’s Hulme, the reader is taken through the centuries of change experienced by each house, exploring past occupants and architectural alterations. Entries are illustrated with a range of historic maps, photographs, prints, archive records and contemporary images. As a nation we are obsessed by property: prices, interior design and restoration, and the creation of a home. Now there is another avenue to explore: your house’s history. House Histories helps readers get started by outlining the main research sources and how to use them.

Tracing Your House History by Gill Blanchard

Tracing Your House History | A Guide for Family Historians | Gill Blanchard |  Pen & Sword Books
Tracing Your House History
TitleTracing Your House History
Sub TitleA guide for family historians
AuthorGill Blanchard
PublisherPen & Sword Books Ltd
Format 1Paperback
ISBN 19781848842540
Publication Date 122 Jun 2011
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Anyone who wants to find out about the history of their house – of their home – needs to read this compact, practical handbook. Whether you live in a manor house or on a planned estate, in a labourer’s cottage, a tied house, a Victorian terrace, a twentieth-century council house or a converted warehouse – this is the book for you. In a series of concise, information-filled chapters, Gill Blanchard shows you how to trace the history of your house or flat, how to gain an insight into the lives of the people who lived in it before you, and how to fit it into the wider history of your neighbourhood.

A wealth of historical evidence is available in libraries, archives and record offices, in books and online, and this is the ideal introduction to it. Gill Blanchard explores these resources in depth, explains their significance and directs the researcher to the most relevant, and revealing, aspects of them. She makes the research process understandable, accessible and fun, and in the process she demystifies the sometimes obscure language and layout of the documents that researchers will come up against.

Researching the History of a Country House by Richard Goodenough

Researching the History of a Country House | A guide to sources and their use | Richard Goodenough | Phillimore
Researching the History of a Country House
TitleResearching the History of a Country House
Sub TitleA guide to sources and their use
AuthorRichard Goodenough
Format 1Hardback
ISBN 19781860776106
Publication Date 122 Apr 2010
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The origins of this book date from the 1990s when the author began to research the history of his own country house in the Kent Downs at Trimworth, near Canterbury. These early investigations led him to see how Trimworth could be used as a case study in a voyage of discovery which others could also enjoy. The book will be most relevant to owners of country houses, providing a methodology for the less experienced to trace an exciting pathway of inquiry. It is based on an exploration of a wide range of maps and documentary sources available from local, regional and national archive centres. This fully illustrated guide encourages a systematic process of research into the fascinating and topical subject of house history and makes frequent reference to online sources.